Any rookies?

Does anybody know of any rookies needing support. We plan on mentoring a new team and just thought i’d get the word out… This is 1403 by the way…
email me at

According to the FIRST website, the teams in your state looking for help are teams 75, 1187, and 1384. All of your rookies are from Newark and they are teams 1563, 1616 and 1617. If you click on the multi colored map on the FIRST website, it’ll show you a bunch of info on your state’s teams. Hope this helped!

Yes, please. Your team is brand new and we would love to get in touch with your team and be able to ask you questions about what a rookie team should be doing!!! We are in Pocatello Idaho and your team # is 1569, aka Haywire! please e mail me so we can talk.

Haywire P.R.
Pam Anderson