Any rules prohibiting lifting of your own robot?

Hey all. I’m not sure about how mounting the hab platforms will work in 2019. I feel many teams will use their robots to help mount others and such, however, can a robot lift itself? Not sure if this is implementable, but I can’t see anything in the manual. G23 in the manual about bumpers seems to nod towards that we may be able to but I can’t confirm.

An example would be (kinda far fetched, but let’s pretend):
mounting pistons to fire at the bottom to lift your entire chassis

Thanks! Hopefully this makes sense.

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Pistons would be supported by a level so whats the point?

agreed. I just wanted to illustrate what I was trying to ask. I’m not sure what teams will do I just want to look at options

something like this?

Lego robot prototype lifting level 3

I haven’t seen any rules that specifically prohibit this concept, assuming it is all built to comply with the rules.


wow thats amazing I didn’t even think of that! I haven’t seen anything in the rules about it either

I’d anticipate that most teams which use active climbers (e.g. not a ramp) will lift themselves up as a primary task. Lifting another robot (or being lifted by another robot) you haven’t practiced with is much riskier than picking yourself up, which you should have practiced many times. Extending “legs” seems to be a repeatable straightforward way to accomplish this.

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By lifting your robot from underneath, do you potentially violate R25?

Except as allowed per G23, BUMPERS must be located entirely within the BUMPER ZONE, which is the volume contained between the floor and a virtual horizontal plane 7½ in. (~19 cm) above the floor in reference to the ROBOT standing normally on a flat floor.

The concern goes to extending a leg below the current robot which would then ‘lift’ the bumpers beyond the 7.5" zone.



G23 states an exception to the Hab zone.

“BUMPERS must be in the BUMPER ZONE (see R25) during the
MATCH unless a ROBOT is completely in its HAB ZONE or supported by a ROBOT completely in
its HAB ZONE. A ROBOT is “completely in its HAB ZONE” if its BUMPERS are entirely between its
ALLIANCE WALL and the vertical plane defined by its HAB LINE.”

highlight the “unless a robot is completely in its hab zone”


Ah ha!.. That clears it up.