Any spreadsheet that calculates team rankings based on match scores?

Hi folks, are there any existing spreadsheets out there that can help us keep track of team ranking in qualifying rounds where we just have to enter scores after each match?

I suppose the easiest thing to do is have a pre-generated match list, and have cells that will automatically calculate rank points and qualifying points based on match scores, and more cells on the side the add these points up.

I don’t suppose there is a way to sort in real time a list of teams based on their points without having to click sort everytime, right?

-Ken L

Dr. Joe had a spreadsheet made for Triple Play, when the Hatch software was spitting out odd rankings. This appears to be the last revision of it:

Don’t forget Greg Needel’s always-helpful Excel database-

NOTE: Based on my personal experience (cough Palmetto Regional '05 cough), if this is for a daylong offseason match (which I’m assuming it is), unless you’re going to have a break where you can catch up on data entry if you (and you probably will) fall behind, you might not want to use this. Also, if you use this, you may have to decide that you don’t want to track everything, which you probably won’t. Just giving my $.02.

The Canuck