Any Suggestions for improving website?

http://www.lunatecs316.orgDoes anyone have any suggestions that can help improve our website?

SWEET… A very nice site. Congrats.

I really like the use of simpleviewer. It’s easy to integrate. It says it’s iPad friendly, but I have not have a chance to test that out. Have you tested it on iPad?

The home page has one minor validation error. Congrats on that. Fix it and put up the badges from the W3C.

I have a little trouble reading the blue links at the bottom of the page. They disappear into the background image.

I was writing a post for CD on web friendly fonts when I saw your post. The text block under the WELCOME displays for me in times roman. IMO that is hard to read and I don’t like mixing fonts on a page. Perhaps the css is off for that block.

Nice site.

All of the redirects and/or other embedded features that pull from other websites are making the firewall proxy go nuts. For companies behind strict firewalls (like mine), it may be an issue. I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

This is perhaps more of a personal opinion than anything particularly wrong, but I think if you could increase the size of the thumbnails on the home page, or otherwise make them more prominent and easy to interpret, it would do a lot to draw visitors into the site and make them want to find out more. The team picture is good, I would suggest putting in a shot with robots more prominently featured than the one with the lunacy trailer. I think you were trying to highlight the drive team, but it doesn’t really come across that way.

Right now, the biggest thing that I notice is the center block of text that starts out “Welcome” (first impression: generic) and the cartoon robots hanging from the word Robotics (I seem to pass right over the rest of your name on the first pass through the page), so my first impression is “are these guys perhaps an animation group?” You should show off the things that make your team the coolest thing since servo motors.


change the link “Click here to visit FIRST” to alink on a image because it makes it unaligned

When you hold the mouse over the “team” button on the main page it appears behind the “welcome!” rendering it hard to read. Just a heads up, nothing big. I am also a fan of having a robot showcase for past robots.

otherwise, great job!

The font and alignment on the events page is a little goofy. I would try to make it all uniform.

You might want to provide more details about what FIRST is.

Some pages have a lot of text maybe you could try breaking them up with images.

I’m sure that you have already taken care of this but I would advise looking into your school’s policy about team information on the website. I would also make sure to have waivers from everyone just to be careful.

I suggest adding a section with CAD photos of your team’s robots, together with presentations and real life pics of the robots the team has built this year and the years before.

that and +1 to RyanC’s post