Any team who wants to provide us Falcons?

As team 8561 we were unable to buy Falcons for two years. In the off-season we’re building a swerve chassis. If there are any teams wanting to sell or donate them we accept any offer you propose. We can buy them at your price + shipping to Houston (Champs). (Any teams who are participating in the Champs are preferred).

We prefer to buy them close to their original price at CTRE but we have a generous margin if it fits our budget.

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NEOs and SPARK MAXes are currently in stock at REV if you’re looking for a comparable option. While their ship to pit option is closed, you could see if a Houston area team is willing to receive them for you before or during the event, or a Dallas area team that can pick them up directly.


mk4s and mk4is both have adapters for neo motors, you can just buy those and pair them with some spark maxes.

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I’m going to echo what Bobby said above about NEOs, as they’re both cheaper and more reliable

When you say this, which “original price” are you referring to?

I believe 973 has a bunch new in box to sell.



Yeah I 15x v3 falcons for sale brand new in boxes.

The “original price” they referred to was $220.

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Hi Ryan. Do you have a price in mind?

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200$ per


I still have 9x v3 falcons for sale $200 per Apple Pay or cash please.

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