Any teams anticipating travel problems?

Are any teams out there still anticipating travel problems for the Championship or any regionals because of 9/11 and the ‘War on Terrorism’ and any other tangential events?

None at all, We didn’t have any problems in 2002 when we went to NYC. No parent’s objected. We had no problem with going to the naval base last year or NYC when the Iraq war started either.

I hope that we don’t have any travel problems. They were telling us about the plan ride that we have to stand in ABC order at the ticket counter. And we have to put our coats through the medal dector.

The ones that are going to San Jose what day are you leaving?

I sure hope they put your coats through the metal detector… Who knows what people could sneak onto planes if they didnt… Airport security really is for the most part a joke. All it’s good for is causing huge delays and confiscating people’s travel scissors/nail clippers.

The TSA has hired some really dumb people. My dad was flying from SFO to LAX one time, and the guy manning the security checkpoint used the little wand on him. The wand went off, the guy asked my dad to empy his pockets, he did, then he did it again and it still went off. He looked at it and said “Piece of ****'s been broken all day” and waved my dad through. My dad asked to talk to the supervisor, who wasn’t too interested in the issue.

Makes you feel real comfortable knowing people like this are “keeping our skies safe”


Hey it really does. We have to bring our homework with us so we won’t be behind when we get back. But you need pens penicls and papper to do your work. And a lot of people use the sprial bound notebooks, are they going to consider that as a wepons?

we still arent postivive on how we ae getting to ATL… either buss or plane… we havent decided yet…

I hope you decide soon, so you can still get a flight before the competiton starts.

Not to mention the cost of tickets when you don’t purchase far in advance.

Team 188 will be going to pittsburgh and atlanta this year, both by bus/car (mentor driven). Last year we almost couldnt make it to west michigan because of a moratorium that our school board had placed on all international field trips, but luckily this year that isnt the case. its particularly exciting for me as this is the first year i’ll be going to championships.

A couple of words of advice:

  1. at border crossing, have all the students awake and alert, just to save some hassle about checking id and everything else.

  2. if you have any sort of fresh fruit in the car… or anything like that, just eat it before you get there… or make sure it has label of country of origin on there…a minor point, but mr b got stopped for about 20 minutes for this point. rolls eyes

  3. portable radios are a good idea, just to be able to communicate between vans without having to worry about cellphone roaming charges etc.

feel free to add to it!