Any teams from Austin or S. Texas driving to ATL?

First off, Congratulations! The Toltechs are headed there as well, and through some awesometastic circumstances we are avoiding a 23 hour bus ride and are being flown!!! Which is great, but…

…leads to some issues about what part(s) of our pit set-up we may have to leave behind due to airline baggage restrictions.

Long story short, we’ve done some “slimming down” but still have a couple of items that need to go that won’t fit on an airplane. (i.e. our cart)


Are there any teams driving to the CMP from the San Antonio/Austin/South Texas area that would be willing to take a couple of items for us? No need to bring them back, as we figure to simply put them in our crate and let FEDEX do the work.

Thanks in advance for you’re consideration!


2587 - DiscoBots are taking a Bus from Houston

But we might have already filled up on space, PM me if you need more details about storage space.

if you can get it to Dallas we are sending a truck to ATL.

ohh and congratulations on getting to Atlanta.