Any teams looking to by a Vex set

I was lucky enough to win the Vex starter kit raffle at the ATL nationals. After speaking to my team, it seems they have no intrest in attempting the vex challenge next year. I dont have much use for it personally, and figured better to sell it to another FIRST team. If any teams are intresting in purchasing it post here. I am not sure of a price range since I was told they havent been released yet. So I guess they are priced at 300 dollars, though I will be willing to go lower depending on the demand.

And just like to say Good Job to all the teams who attended Nationals!!! :ahh:

Y’know, CD-Swap is great for this.

Here’s the link:

Good luck!

Team 624 CRytponite is very interested after seeing all that VEX did at the Nationals. Contact me, please, at lorriebuttonedelson at We practice gracious professionalism. Consider it sold!

Ms. B-E, Faculty Sponsor, CRyptonite 624


You may want to look at the prices on to get an idea of what the Vex kits are going for.

where can you find out if you won one of the kits

cuse it was my understanding that there were ten on the raffle

no there where only two and the day before two won ipods.

if u are intrested in buying this please give me an email [email protected]

o we must be thinking of different things

because there was a “raffle” where the 10 schools with the most slips in the box would get a vex starter kit

thats the "raffle’ i was reffering 2

Uhm, if anyone still has a kit that they don’t want *] I know Hrt wants to buy one.

Email me: [email protected]