Any teams with extra Brecoflex treads?

This is a very last-minute request. We broke a Brecoflex belt during practice matches at the Long Island regional, and our spare belts won’t be delivered until Monday. Are there any Brecoflex-using teams who could spare an extra belts to the following specifications?

TK10-K13, 50 mm width, length 180 to 220 cm

We already contacted Sam Shawe at Outback. His belts are a bit short for us, but they might work.

Please PM me if you have a belt and would be willing to overnight it to us at our expense.

My suggestion would have been to contact Sam but it seems you already tried that.

Have you tried contacting brecoflex directly? They have been very understanding in the past they might be able to work something out with you if they have something on the shelf.

They have two phone numbers for their NJ office:

Phone: 888-463-1400
Phone2: 732-460-9500

We did contact Brecoflex directly, but they didn’t have any belts on the shelf of a suitable length. Our spares are still curing in their facility.

We were able to modify our robot to use Sam Shawe’s belts. He sent us the belts with early AM overnight shipping and we had them installed in time for our second match today. Our mentors were in disbelief that another team would be so altruistic! The belts were shipped from Oregon to New York in only fourteen hours.

THANK YOU to Sam and Outback Manufacturing! Outback will be an official Brecoflex distributor next year, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.