Any tips for locking rotation of MK4i swerve modules for feed forward characterization (sysID)?

This is our first year attempting swerve and we are borrowing MK4i modules from a local team to familiarize ourselves with the concept while we wait for our REV swerve modules to arrive.

What do teams do to lock the rotation of swerve modules during robot characterization (sysID)? 3D printed jigs? Or can you simply place the steering motor in brake mode? Or do you need to set up and tune a PID loop to get it stay put (not sure how I would implement this in the sysID tool)?

I see that REV might be shipping a device with their swerve modules to fix the rotation for such tasks. I was curious if the community has come up with something similar for SDS MK4i?

We have stuck blocks of wood stuck between the wheel “axle” and the frame or used small versions of these c clamps (clamped on the opposite side of the axle) These work good enough to get a good set of data.

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Thanks! I will give it a try this evening. I didn’t think the low profile of the MK4i would allow such a configuration, but the smaller clamps should address that. Did this work for you with the MK4i’s or just swerve modules in general?

These were for mk4is.