any toronto teams

at the canadian regional some of my friends and i started a mosh pit with some guys. one inparticular was from toronto and had a beanie on. and he got kicked out of the party for moshing. anyone know him?

the girls from team 5 want to say sorry :frowning:

My team was there, I wasnt however I did hear about that.

you were at the toronto regional? what was your team # and do they have a team website? well it was fun and i enjoyed myself at the party. the mosh pit wasn’t too crazy. i was the only girl that got thrown into the middle of it. i was only knocked down like twice. but yeah it was cool. the food sucked but oh well.

Team 222 and our website is

ok, yeah you were the only girl, hmmmmm , ummmmm NO! ok, who started all the mosh pits, huh? um, yeah that would be me, les and K,too. and who left to get funky with the Canadians? um,yeah that would be you… just keeping you in check, but ummmm, if anyone has contact with any team from toronto, write! even if you just know the other team numbers, write!:stuck_out_tongue:

if you read correctly it said some friends and i. sarah you’re wrong. just bc i didn’t mention names omg. go get some more girl scout cookies kid.

yeah but then ya contradict yourself and say you were the only girl, mmmmmmhmmmmm, i didn’t mean anything by it, as Mrs. Robinson would say, take a chill pill heehee

any toronto teams
at the canadian regional some of my friends and i started a mosh pit with some guys. one inparticular was from toronto and had a beanie on. and he got kicked out of the party for moshing. anyone know him?

the girls from team 5 want to say sorry

so where does it say i’m the only girl? hmmm it doesn’t. so get off it

i was the only girl who got pushed into the center i got knocked down and my shoes flew across the room. what do you want? so i got out and while i was making my way back you all were in it but i got shoved in the very middle. not saying you weren’t in the middle but for that first big pit. uh yeah. geez this is stupid to argue about anyways. like i said get over it.

enjoyable, two chicks going at it, i hear that lots or peeps saw action (not involving robots) at the regional, any one should feel welcome back up here in canada again :slight_smile:

Those Mosh pits were dumb too, they should have played more techno in there, food was good tho.



were you on the team that didn’t have uniforms?And you had a lab and let other teams use it?

calling us a toronto team would be an exageration, but we are from ontario

rookies this year, team 781…

we stayed only for a bit of the party, one of my team members was the idiot who did the joke breakdance summersault thing (I personally apologize for that)

Martin!!! Don’t encourage them. They where/are still friends, and i don’t want to see 2 good friends not talk over a stupid mosh-pit argument. Can we just drop it? I don’t mean to sound like a mom or anything, but please, for my sanity, stop arguing!!! PLEASE!!!

P.S. It doesn’t look good for the team when you argue over the Internet, please atleast write notes to each other in class, or talk to me.

P.S. (2) I agree, martin, they should of had more DJ mixes there, for it being a PARTY! But the food was very, very good, except for the chicked, it was bland. YUCK!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys! I’m Ann-Marie from team 783 up in Scarborough(Toronto) we were the team that ended up using 907’s shop. If you guys know which team people were from and they happen to be near me I can try and track em down for you if you’d like… also if you go to the FIRST site, and hit the regionals thing… there’s part of it that lists all the teams that were there, where they’re from and gives a link to their web site if they have one. How do you think I found the site of my Ohio boys(aww good ol’ team 48, I miss you!) Anywayz, I’m babblin’ … if you need a hand diggin up info on a team from my area I’m more than happy to help you out. The regional was so much fun and the party was a blast(cept when I thought I was gonna die when the mosh pit started right around me) Can’t wait till next year!
hugz to all

that would be so great! If you could just talk 2 the team and find out which kid got in trouble for moshing and didn’t get to come back the last day(saturday) to watch the finals then lead him here and give him our names! Your a really generous person for helping and thanxs so much from all of team 5!!!

It’s no problem, I had so much fun and I’m glad to help anyone I can reconnect. I know I’m so glad I got the emails of all the people I hung around with… Just one thing hunn, I kinda need some help figuring out which team the guuy was from… I’m not sure if anyone on my team’ll know, but I’ll ask around and see, maybe my team 48 guys’ll know. I’ll keep checking around for ya and keep you posted(oh man, I didnt even- ugh, that was so lame and I really didnt mean for that to happen)
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

Judy I met this great guy Adam. we were going to say goodbye to each other and exchange info but my sis who’s a freshman ran up to him and before i new it she was telling him something about me. so i ran out. i know he’s on team 378. i went to their website but it doesn’t have any way to write them. please help me? i’d love you forever.

Judy thats great! I think he was on team 907 or 913. It would be so great if youcould find him! Thanx again!

K, girls, I’ll find out the schools and see what i can do… sigh let’s see, I’ll make some calls this weekend most likely… I hope someone keeps in touch with the East York guys we fab’d with… they might be of some help… Anywayz, I will find a way to reunite you with your guys!

K… did a lil checkin’ with the teams you guys gave me… k, if it’s 378, he’s from like Ny and I really cant help much. If it’s 907 I can make a few calls to my team and see if anyone keeps in touch with the ppl we fabbed with… if it’s 913, I’ll have to ask around o a few friends and see if anyone knows anyone at Bendale that can ask around for me… but you have to help me narrow this down hunn!.. I kinda dont want to have to search the planet… i dont have too much time on my hands right now… But, luv ya and I still want to help, so lemme know!
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

the only thing I know about the kid from team 907 or 913 (if thats the team he’s on) is that he was at the Canadian Regional on Fri and got kicked out of the party that Friday night for moshing. That and he said he lives in Toronto. Pretty dumb that we didn’t get his name huh? Well thanx again!