any toronto teams

I dont want this thread to go on the 2nd page so Judy where are you???

Hey Judy (Don’t ask me why she calls herself that) and anyone else:

If they are on 907 (thats the Ghetto-Tweety) tell me and I will get ahold of them for you for sure.

Same scoop for 913…Cept its Bendale BTI…lol

If they are a Toronto team I can find them…

and judy I’ll talk to you in Physics tomorrow…

Isn’t 783 so helpful? Remember that next year when you’re making your alliance selections…lol

Umm yea, what Harrison said… it’s all good, umm email us or something. We’re from Scarborough(it’s in Toronto) so we know a bunch of the teams. Anywayz, I’m tired I just got home from work. sigh
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie- team 783

PS. The Judy thing is a long story… don’t ask

i wonder if this kid knows we are looking for him?

Probably not…Cause if he did he might try to find you as well…

I know he doesn’t go to East York, Bendale, Woburn, or Mowat…So that means I only have like 22 more schools to check out for you…lol

thanx a million!!! my sister seen your pic. and thinks your hott, just thought i’d let u know

thanx a million!!! my sister seen your pic. and thinks your hott, just thought i’d let u know.

No problem…and glad to hear it…lol :slight_smile:

yea well i thought you would like to know…too bad you live in Ca and cant c her.

We gotta do something about that prob don’t we?

LOL! This is funny… so many ppl have said that about your pic Harrison… I don’t get it… I know you in rl and well… I’ll shut up, I won’t ruin this for you <giggles>
So how goes the search anyway? Have we found that guy yet or…?
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783
PS. Maybe I should scan in a pic… just for kicks

Why you little bleep :wink:

I think your just jealous :slight_smile:

And don’t forget I have some pics of you too…You don’t look great in all of them…It would be a shame if they got posted, wouldnt it? lol :smiley:

And no I havn’t yet…I’m still waiting for a bunch of people to get back to me.

Judy don’t hate just bc Harrison is a hottie…is it possible that you’re jealous? :smiley: hmmmm. and harrison its important to work on those international relations isn’t it? we need to spread the FIRST spirit to all the teams. i think we should set the example. lol

Couldn’t have said it better myself…lol :wink:

sigh don’t yell at me… I just don’t find Harrison as- well whateva, like you do… Let’s just say we don’t alwayz get along and when we do we joke around. Anywayz, ummm… what was my point? I donno… jealousy? no, hell no actually, I couldn’t care less, whateva… meh, I’m done
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

I understand what your saying completely!!! Its kinda weird to look at ppl you knoe well in someone else’s point of view, wspecially if its a lovers point of view

so what team are you guyz from again?

Harrison and I are from team 783, SWAT Mobotics out of Scarborough(Toronto) Ontario.
We alligned with you(team 5) at the Canadian regionals.
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783

PS. Harrison hot! HA! I still find it hilarious!

Alright AM you’re going down now…lol

And Gerb’s doesn’t have any probs with you, Nat, and I using the bot for Physics…So we can do that whenever…Prolly next week sometime cause we have the test tomorrow.

and you may also of seen some of our team at the GLR…we were there checking things out. and BTW, one of the pics in team 5’s yearbook of your robot is courtesy of me…lol

Oh great! i bet we can get the rst of our physibility off of this… or at least I’m hoping we can!
so yea…
hugz to all as alwayz
Ann-Marie -team 783
PS. Bring it Harrison, what are you going to do, really?