Any way to block out certain forums?

Hey Brandon, is there any way to block out certain forums, such as the “chit chat” forum, so that their threads don’t show up at the Portal page or “new posts from past 24 hours” page?

I am asking because I would like to block out some of the forums so they don’t clog up those two pages with non-Robotics posts whenever I am looking for what’s new in the forum. Thanks.

I think, when this question was asked before, the only suggestion he could offer was subscribe to the forums that you did want to see, then use the “all subscribed” rather than the “all new” link…

I thought so… Well, in that case, I want to request that Brandon make a page especially for subscribing… Just a simple page with a check list, showing all the forums so everyone can just go in and check what forum they want to subscribe to.

Much easier than going to each forum to subscribe individually, eh?

sounds easy to us b/c we don’t have to make the change. but it might be a lil bit of an inconvience for brandon to go around adding and changing the registration system

I do remember Brandon saying that if you PM’d him to do it he could easier and faster than going to each forum…I think he said it at least

Yeah, PM me and I have a script to subscribe you to all robotics-related forums. Then you can go ahead and remove yourself from any you don’t want, and then use the ‘New in Subscribed’ link to see the new stuff in the forums you are subscribed to.