Any way to plot Pose2d Objects?

I’m going to embrace all thee awesome geometry classes this year such as Pose2D.

I know Field2D displays nicely in the Simulator and you can set your robot pose. Is there any other way to plot stuff? Would love to plot a bunch of pose2d object’s and see where my vision system thinks I am!

IIRC AdvantageScope supports it pretty well.

Field2D supports plotting more than one object. See getObject()

i had the same need awhile ago, specifically to see where the robot thinks the apriltags are, so i wrote a driver station dashboard to show it. it’s very simple. you can see it here:

it also uses the new network tables structured-payload feature using MessagePack, so not exactly Pose2d (because I wanted the ability to show other fields, for example, detection confidence).

feedback and pull requests welcome!

Didnt realize that! Ill have to take a look. I always assume getObject is from a base class way up the chain

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