Any way to use standard radios with Mini RC?

I have a 2004 Mini Robot Controller. Is there any way to use the standard 2004 radio modems and 2004 OI with this controller?

Thank you!

No. It doesn’t work with an OI, and the radio uses RS-422, not the RS-232 that the controller supports (via TTL serial port and program port). Plus the software isn’t written for radio communications.

You might be able to rig something up with an off-the-shelf RS-232 radio set, and some programming, but you’ll be on your own.

Alternatively, you could use an off-the-shelf hobby radio set, and thus utilize the already available hardware and software resources that the EDU provides. IFI has some suggestions of hobby radios on their EDUbot page.

One of the nice things about the mini rc is that it has pwm in ports this works out nicely with a hobby receiver… also dont forget you have two serial ports. Check out some of the wireless stuff at