Anybody else notice?

How much the FIRST STEAMworks airship looks like the guard/control pod used to escape the prison in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Well now I did.

I hope you weren’t using valuable build time making this observation :wink:

Really the only similarities are:

  • clear walls
  • outward-sloped hexagonal prism shape
  • oh my god the proportions of the two are almost exactly the same

So, other than the boiler in the center, yeah. Now I’ve noticed.

The shop is closed Wednesday. OK, I had some glue samples curing to see what worked best to keep our touch pad fingers together. :]

Well ventilated area I hope?

Garage. Reasonably well ventilated, and no one was out there during curing.

Just to point it out. This thread, over 7 replies, has gone from Guardians of the Galaxy to proper glue curing and safety protocol…

In the next 10 posts it will go into a mentor built vs student built debate, and then a #2champs debate, and then a practice bot debate, and finally round it off with a bag day debate.

Welcome to chief delphi :stuck_out_tongue:

And I still haven’t checked any boxes on my CD bingo card.:wink:

Anyone else notice some teams do not have enough misplaced holes and bodge-job engineering to be student built…


I would like to point out that marvel is owned by disney and disney has a partnership with FIRST

it can fly too!!