Anybody got a good Kick-Off video?

Do you have a good kick-off video on your computer that I can have for reference and to see. Stupid Richmond AT&T Cable decided not to show it!

I have a VCR tape that we tapped from the local cable station. I could send it to you. I have not eddited it yet but it should be good to go.

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Is it posible I can get a copy of your video???
I’m in Watertown CT
If there is a shipping cost I will be glad to pay it.
My Power went out around 10:00 and messed up my taping the Nasa Feed.
Let me know ASAP Thanks.
Is it at all possible that you taped the entire NASA Feed, Speeches, Game and question session?

Could you make a digital copy of it on your computer and send it to me? I need a computer version. Quicktime will be nice if you can.

The NASA robotics website now has the Kick-Off available for viewing (.ram format).

~Alex Wiser~
Team 846 (Lynbrook)

A link to the page would be quite helpful.

Found it! It’s:

~Alex Wiser~
Team 846 (Lynbrook)