Anybody have a t-shirt cannon?

If anybody has made a t-shirt cannon using an Innovation FIRST IFI controller, I need code for ours. The code for it should be simple drive and shoot, adjust barrel. If you don’t have the code yourself, I could at least use some help. I am a COMPLETE noob to programming. I get Labview, but that’s all pictures. C++ is alien to me.

254 does

Sorry, I don’t have that much experience with programming either.

However, this team may be able to help you!

254 def does have a sweet t-shirt cannon!

But I believe they use a vex controller on it.


Then why not use the CRIO and program it in Labview which you already know?

YA the Cheesypoofs 254 have a real good and solid tshirt cannon shooting robot o how i whish the CAD was avaiable to the rest as well as their outstanding robots from the previous years we all seen the robot and someone like me looks for CAD drawings of some experienced teams as im new to CAD i like disecting the teams robot in a 3D enviroment

We use a crio on ours and it works great. Why not just use the system that you’re familiar with?

Because that is quite expensive, where as many teams have IFI controllers sitting around. The boot time is also near instant, which is great for a demo bot. Even better, if you have a EDU-RC (the 2004 Mini RC), you can use a standard RC vehicle controller. A small, handheld controller is awesome for a demo bot (and far cheaper/more reliable than a smartphone running a DS emulator).

I would share our code, but it’s only compatible with the EDU-RC and is specialized for our exact setup. I would recommend getting the default code and manual for the controller you have here:

PS: IIRC, the IFI controllers never supported C++ (just C [and PBASIC for pre-2004])

Check out Kevin Watson’s code here Everything you need and then some.

Just to add: if I recall the base code has a simple drive mode already. I’m a bit rusty with this code (has it really been four years ago??!) but if you can read C it’s doable. Ask here if you have questions. Come to think of it, Kevin still wanders into Chief Delphi when he isn’t programming rockets.

Oh! those are from the old control system! Im a 2011 rookie, that was before my time. I get it now.

We use a cortex on ours. Takes about five minutes to program what you are looking for. The handheld wireless controller system might be a nice alternative to the old FRC system.

Yep, I check in every few weeks or so. It’s probably best to use the e-mail in my signiture if it’s important.

BTW, our software guys say that my code is good, but it’s clear it was written by a “hardware guy”, so I don’t get to write much rocket or spacecraft code <grin>. My day is mostly spent designing the computers and associated networking hardware we use on-board our rockets and spacecraft. It’s a pretty fun gig.