Anybody have any luck making the Iikos speak?

My team and I have been working on getting the Iikos to speak (really only one of them) so they can “narrate” our animation. Anybody have any tips, or perhaps a tutorial that you can point us to? Thanks.

If it was me, i would just move the mouth up and down as you are speaking… it might take quite a while to sync but it works.

I am actually animating that right now. I’m just using the rig and moving the blue circle provided to make the mouth move up and down at different intervals while using edit poly in animate mode to change facial expression (move eyebrows) and then also adding blinking with the Iiko’s eyelid feature.

There is a jaw bone for moving the mouth; you could also make morph targets to shape the mouth for speech, or add custom bones to the facial rig. I’ll try to get another tutorial together on this.

-Adam Crespi