Anybody know about the flashy numbers on the scoring pane of the video?

Has anyone figured out why sometimes the lap counts/hurdle counts are flashing on the webcasts, and other times they’re not?

EDIT: I also think that NASA/VCU isn’t counting hybrid points properly, just watched one alliance cross a combined total of at least 4 lines, and only get 8 pts for it.

when the number is flashing it means that the robot has completed a half lap

Ah, thanks.

What about when the hurdle/shove number is flashing? Do you know what that means?

That would be the trackball crossing the opponents finish line.

That was perplexing me the entire day when I was checking up on the webcasts, though the numbers are a bit difficult to make out over the webcasts. Thanks for clearing that up!

Tell me about it, we lost one match where we swear they didn’t count most of our hybrid pts or our laps.:confused:

To be honest that shouldn’t be, While FIRST is using an Automated Scoring system as in previous years they have also been using a fail safe manual scoring system that Ref’s are manning each match. Esp. when it comes to the trackball being counted. The system should be checked for accuracy upon setup to see how off the score could be. Thats what we did in Jersey :).

Mistakes are still made, in one match two of our hurdles weren’t counted and we were all joking that we were hurdling the balls too fast to count. But in all fairness I would never want to be a ref, here’s a high-five to those brave few who put on the zebra stripes.

I was told when the numbers are flashing that means that thay are waiting for one of the crew to comfirm that number of laps.