Anybody know the name of this song?

Hey I was wondering if anybody knew the name of this song. It was played in the GTR final round.
Here’s a link:


hahaha… funny thing is you are not the first one to ask. I asked someone about that song during GTR, and then the other day Karthik wanted to know the name of the song.

It’s Explosive by Bond…

yea arefin thats pretty funny, because karthik wanted to know what song that was and i let him know, along with giving him the file for the song…i think i gave it to you too!

yea thats cuz this song is just so amazing!!

Everyone just seems to love that song…

Funny thing is, after I learned the name of the song, I went searching for the sheet music for it, and found every part (violin 1, violin 2, viola, and cello). :rolleyes: for more tracks from Bond.

Btw, am I the only one that thought of the X-Men Cartoon series when I heard that song?

X-Men Cartoon on air: October 31st 1992 - September 20th 1997
Bond - Classified CD: Release Date: Jun 15th 2004(first release of Explosive)

It doesn’t say who performed the opening song from the cartoon, but the sound is almost identicle at parts. I’m willing to bank on Bond being involved in someway in writing that score as well, or at least being influenced by that opening song when composing Explosive.

Elgin, i thought about that one song from the Transformer Soundtrack