Anybody not using their team media badge?

This is ridiculously short notice, I know, but I figure not everyone has left the building yet.

I’m enrolled in a media arts course here at the lovely University of South Carolina. Our fourth and final project involves taking still photos we’ve taken, stringing them together in Final Cut Pro, and adding a soundtrack to match.

Now, the assignment sheet says I’m supposed to use photos I’ve already taken here. However, I have successfully petitioned my professor to let me change venue a little bit, namely to the Georgia Dome and the World Congress Center in Atlanta on Saturday. Theoretically, I could shoot from the stands, but the better shots seem to come from the floor. Problem is, I don’t have any official status as media with FIRST.

This is where you come in.

Along with the operator and safety captain badges, each team receives in their packet a media badge. If your team is not using it on Saturday, I’d love to use it to photograph your team on and off the field from pit opening until the end of awards. Naturally, I’m more than happy to share the resulting photographs and video (once it’s compiled) with your team.

I’ll be refereeing on DaVinci on Thursday and Friday, but I always make a point to do a full lap of the pits sometime on one of those days (usually Thursday). If you’re game, either post here (before lunchtime Wednesday if you want to be sure I read it) or flag me down in the pits.

(By the way, if you’re wondering if I’m just some no-talent hack with a camera, I’ve posted some choice photos on my blog. Call it how you’d like. :))



I don’t believe 1525 will be using their media badge. I need approval from my “people”, but if you need it, I’m sure that we’d be willing to help you out.

I am also interested in a spare media badge.

The pictures I want to take aren’t for a project or anything. I just really enjoy taking pictures, especially at the competitions. I would even be willing to be “hired out” to take pictures. Links to my NJ regional pictures can be found here.

If you talk to Pit Admin, and you make a good enough case to them on why you need an additional media badge, they might give you one.