Anybody play Starcraft 2?

I’m sure people here do, but I was wondering if anybody would like to post their addresses/character codes and add each other to play SC2 sometime.

I am currently a Zerg in the bronze league, but I am working harder to get better, and I will play anybody at least once. Unfortunately there isn’t really anybody at my school who plays Starcraft (at least, no one who has an APM over 5), and so I thought it would be fun to play with some fellow FIRSTers.

My email is, feel free to add me (say your from first in the invite message just so I know who you are) and list your email address for others to add you.

Hey cool im not the only one who thinks chief delphi doesnt have to be all about seriousness. Definately needed a thread like this :wink: .

Now about the actual post… Soon as I remember my email on it ill post it here. Have not played in AGES. Time to start the FIRST Starcraft clan hahahah.

Hey, yeah i just got starcraft 2 after some heavy influence from a bunch of my frineds, i am just starting out(i play protoss) and i mostly 4gate or 3gate robo, ill send you a friend request when i get home from school, my starcraft id is basically the same as this username

I used to play a fair bit, but I’m rarely on these days. Once upon a time I was platinum. Now I’m gold and can barely win a game there. The game has passed me by. :o

So I guess I am the only person on CD who plays Starcraft. A shame, since I would love a practice partner who I can relate to in some way, instead of going to TL and getting a random one (and my friends either don’t to improve, or are improving at a slow rate/don’t want to play me).


You play Starcraft, and you’re on CD, so we can say at least one person fits your description! :smiley: