Anybody using dog tooth clutch brake on their climber?

Basically the title. Go up, pull down, and engage a pneumatic to lock the dog tooth in place. Any problems experienced with this?

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We discussed using a dog tooth clutch elsewhere and also wondered about viability

On our climber we’re going to be using a modified ball shifter with a fast ratio to bring up the elevator and then slower to lift up the bot with a ratchet attached.

We tried Vex’s version a couple of year ago on a winch style climber. 2 exploded gear boxes later, we went back to our go to solution; a 1/2" ratcheting box wrench. We were well within the design guidelines for the product. When looking for the exact Vex part number to reference it looks like they have redesigned it. Potentially the new one is better designed.

If it is durable it is a nice solution. Very easy to package.

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We have done this in the past with much success but this year we are using some crazy contraption we have milled with a CIM motor attached to get a maximum theoratical output of 1000 pounds of lifiting capacity. If you are interested in a bot that has this mechanisim on it look up “2016 Release Video - Knighthawk”

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