Anybody using Talons?

I haven’t seen any Talons on the electrical board pictures posted on CD (in fact, all I’ve seen are Victors). Is anyone using them?

We are and so is 103

TechnoKats are using Talons.

I’ve seen a couple of photos posted showing Talons. With fans installed, you have to look closely to notice that they aren’t Victors.

We are using talons and we have a picture of our electronics too.

Those are all Talons :slight_smile:

2914 is using them right now, but we don’t have spares and with no replacements available we are considering swapping them all out before competition with victors, or limiting them to the drivetrain.


Robo Rams are using Talons, and we’re loving them.

I couldn’t agree more. Our team is loving the talons.

2410 is using Talons. Love them! Wohoo for sealed motor controllers

We want to use Talons but are having some difficulty due to the shortage of them right now. We have exactly enough for what we want to accomplish, but have no extras.

271 is using Talons, as far as I know. So much lighter and smaller.

Team 41 is using talons. We used to use Jaguars with CAN, but we felt the talons were superior.

Team 11 is using Talons.

Talons here.

We did a test of victors vs talons on one of our mechanism. Talons won hands down. Boy are they smooth!

Victor what? 888 or 884? There’s a big difference.

Talons won hands down. Boy are they smooth!

Smooth, as in linear response? Or some other kind of smooth?

With the shortage of Talons, I expect to hear this a lot in the pits ‘Team xxxx needs a Talon’

We are using Victors for drive and jags for shooters and other stuff.

All talons here on 1089 as well.

All talons, no fans.

We ran them on our preseason test chassis and liked them. No real reasons for liking them, other than wiring niceities and smaler size/weight compared to everything else.

They also packaged better on our robot; we could barely fit 6 talons in one place where we would only be able to fit 5 victors due to the slightly smaller size of the talons.

When we couldn’t purchase more talons for spares we decided to conserve some of them as spares for our robot. We had 8 purchased so we are using them on our shooter(3 motors) and 2 other motors. That leaves us with 3 spares. Our robot will actually have 4 jaguars on the drive system, 5 talons and 2 victor 888’s … along with 6 pneumatic cylinders…

a multi-“cultural” speed controlled robot.

We would have liked to have used talons on everything (except the drive system) but with no spares available, we needed to change. We are using the Jags on the drive system so we can use CAN this year.

I think the Jags are nice (primarily because of the CAN connections) but with this year’s move to a smaller format… they are difficult to fit in the space available.

I will definitely buy into the talons when they become CAN compatible.