Anyone catch the answer to Q365 (non-plastic tubing)?

365 Can you use hard pneumatic tubing?
Q: Are we allowed to use hard pneumatic tubing, eg. aluminum tubing (with proper rating)?
A: There are no rules that require use of flexible pneumatic tubing. Provided an item meets criteria listed in R84, it’s permitted as part of a ROBOT’S pneumatic circuitry.

That’s a total departure from similar questions asked in 2017 about copper tubing! It turns out that R84d reads:

R84. The only pneumatic system items permitted on ROBOTS include the items listed below.

  • D. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum ¼ in. (nominal, ~6 mm) outside diameter,

The corresponding 2017 sub-rule was R82e:

  • E. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum 0.165 in. (nominal) inside diameter, functionally equivalent to that provided in the KOP,

Not that the rules state it, but if you decide to use metallic tubing, be sure to get a proper tubing bender. Improperly bending metallic tubing and applying pressure is a recipe for tubing failure. Fortunately, metal usually fails in a tearing rather than fragmenting mode, but even if it doesn’t send out shrapnel, it’ll still end your robot’s match.

OBTW, the 2018 rule reads like the 2019 rule.

  • E. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum ¼ in. (nominal) outside diameter,

OBTW, a wrinkle this brings into interpreting another rule: do aluminum/copper/brass tubing suffice for R91?

  • R91. The relief valve must be attached directly to the compressor or attached by legal hard fittings (e.g. brass, nylon, etc.) connected to the compressor output port.

The R91 wrinkle is the most interesting one to me. We have always gone with solid brass fittings between compressor and relief valve. I have seen pictures of robots will solid copper/brass pipe in between but also have been told by a LRI that that is illegal. This might open up some plumbing/placement opportunities.

I don’t think tubing falls in the fittings category.

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With regards to R91, I believe tubing is not a fitting.

One thing I realized is that the game manual states:
“D. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum ¼ in. (nominal, ~6 mm) outside diameter”
but the inspection checklist states…
Equiv. to KOP with a maximum OD of ¼” (~6 mm) with screen printed rating or documentation. <R84.D>”

Anybody know how to respond to this discrepancy?

That’s similar to how the corresponding rule was written up through 2017 (see OP); I guess the inspection checklist didn’t keep up.

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