Anyone coming to Stonybrook open house?

I was just wondering if anyone was going to the Stonybrook open house Sunday? If you are wear your team shirt! Also was anyone at Polytech last Sunday. Personally I was disappointed, for 30 Grand a year I was expecting more. But it’s still a good school, don’t get me wrong.

Oh no! You’re a senior this year? :ahh:

Lol, nope i’m a junior, just checking out colleges. Don’t worry i’ll be at SPBLI for one more year :smiley: .

Whew! I thought I was getting old fast.:yikes:

If you end up at Stony Brook I expect to still see you at SBPLI for years to come, bringing along any neat devices you’ve created!
We’re going to Brunswick Eruption this weekend, so I don’t know who’ll be able to make the open house, but one of our graduated seniors from last year is there now.