Anyone else expieriencing RoboRio wide crashes?

Currently running 2023.3.1 of WPILib, I’ve noticed a new crash issue reoccuring. I havent succesfully collected a coredump for this, but its a complete roborio crash and restart. Not just the java application crashing…

When mentioning it to other teams last weekend, we were seeing it like crazy in 2023.3.2.

Each time it happens the stacktrace seems to be related to shuffle board or code sending something into a client. Not a great description but it seems like its network/shuffleboard related.

Has anyone expierenced anything else like this?

We tried to drim down our usage of some of the nt4/shuffleboard systems in hopes that would solve it. That seemed to lower the frequency of crashes but not solve it. I am skeptical some ot the more advance types use as Field2d are causing problems.

I know this is not a super helpful post! But im currious if others are experiencing similar issues or have noticied any patterns. I cant imagine we are alone.

Do you literally mean the entire roborio is crashing and restarting, or just a crash in native code in the Java application? If you mean the latter, there’s a couple of bugfixes that are going to be in the next release that could be same as what you’re seeing, but it’s impossible to know for sure without a stack trace.


It seems like the latter

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Is this related to your other thread or something new?

Not sure its the same crash. Could be. I really need to get a coredump.

I’m more just confused why it feels like its mostly my code crashing.

Makes me think its something I’m doing!

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