Anyone else have a problem with new VEX Forum Moderation?

Remember when the VEX forums had a functional Chit-Chat category? I do. It was a chaotic category, but it was meant to have fun and share memes with each other out of being productive.

But, having Chit-Chat forums is useless now. I understand those topics can be unproductive for the Forums, but they were actually fun to share funny experiences and make VEX memes to each other. They have been dead since November 2022 and I still always enjoy looking back at everyone’s posts.

The reason why they’re useless is because ever since the Vex Forums were brought back up (after someone tripped over the wire to the servers), strict moderation has been implemented. I believe that the VEX forums didn’t really need it, and made them worse for other reasons than no Chit-Chat posts, too.

It now takes a couple minutes to hours for moderators to approve posts/comments that shouldn’t need moderation. I also believe having the new moderation tires out workers because some probably approve thousands of posts a day. People should have the maturity to make appropriate posts that aren’t like Guyishere or other people notorious for being even more un-productive than Chit-Chat posts. I guess we can’t have good things only because of a minority of forum users.

Some other changes that the VEX forum moderators made are removing the edit post feature. That change I do not understand, either.

Do you think VEX Forums should be changed to have the old moderation? How do you think the moderation can be improved? Should Chit-Chat forums be brought back, but moderators allow un-productivity?

Thanks for reading my unnecessary rant,


You just blow in from silly town?


If you’re looking for an alternative, G2M is a community-run Vex forum made after the initial shutdown of VF that is closer to the forum before the mods required posts to be manually approved.


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