Anyone else have any piercings or tattoos?

So i’m bored and trying to put off doing homework and i was wondering if any other firsters have any body mods. I have 7 piercings and 5 tattoos
Right now i have:

  • Septum Piercing (Stretched upto a 12g)
  • 2g Dermal Punch in upper cartilage on left ear
  • Conche/weird orbital 3 hole combo thingy in my right ear
  • Earlobes at a 00 Gauge
  • Tatto on chest of red star made up of broken guns and banners on either side of my collar bone that say “Resist” and “Exist”
  • Atari Logo and Charecters from the classic Circus game on my lower back
  • Water lilly and a banner that reads “MOM” on my leg
  • Skull with a mohawk on my right arm, still a work in progress, eventualy the mohawk will be flaming and the skull will be molten rock

I used to have my navel pierced but i took it out becaus it was annoying, and used to have my lip pierced until a dog almost ripped it out.

I’ve got alot of others i’ve been thinking about getting pierced.

Am I just a freak? Does anyone else have any piercings or tattoos?

Not quite as many, but… I have 7 piercings, 1 seperate from the rest. (let’s see how many people catch on to that one.)

I have my ears triple pierced, and I have my left conch pierced (probably around 12g now). I had my ears pierced once when I was younger, my freshman year (fall semester) got them double pierced, and spring semester got them triple pierced and the conch done at the same time.

/edit: Here’s a picture of my left ear right after it was pierced. I had to get my conch pierced with a septum ring, at first. Now, my earrings are thinner and a smaller gauge. Here’s what other conch piercings look like, since mine is kind of hard to see.

i have braces on 4 teeth and i am waiting for them to disappear then that day my tongue is getting done…i can;t wait

none other…(thinking about cartilage though)

I thought about getting my arm tattooed after JVN autographed me but it would really freak a lot of people out. But, I am seriously considering getting a FIRST tattoo. It would be quite a conversation starter…

Working the FIRST logo into another tattoo has been something i’ve been thinking about for awhile. i wouldn’t get just the logo somewhere randomly, but i have been working on ideas for a half sleeve for my left arm that i may include a FIRST logo in. And i’m planning on getting a tattoo of a robot…although it may humanoid robot in the style of a classic pinup girl…but its an idea i’ve been thnking of for awhile.

I’m actually thinking about getting my team number tattooed on my hip, in typewriter font, and a drill under it or something. Then probably a tattoo of a cross on either my upper arm or behind my shoulder. Buuut…that’ll be in another, like, 5 years. Hehe.
But as for piercings, I have my ears pierced once, used to be double but they got infected (grrr…). I may get 'em redone, then my left cartilage done…and if I’m not too chicken, my tongue…hehe.

Nothing too special I have had my ears double pierced and my cartilage done since I was around 10 or so. I have considered my navel recently, but I have only heard horror stories when having children.

As for tattoos - going on recommendations, and persuasion I am considering agreeing too getting a ring done which would be under my wedding band.

yeah that ring idea is mine…well actually got the idea from ken stafford. instead of wearing a wedding band for life, getting a design on my ring finger and having ashley’s match. sounds interesting…i have always wanted my eyebrow peirced…but id be fiancee-less if that happened :-p

I have each of my ears pierced twice, but i hardly ever wear earings, and when i do i usually only wear them in the first set. As for tattoos, i dont have any and i’ll probably never get any for two reasons 1) i dont think i would EVER be able to pull it off, and 2) i’m way to indecisive to make that kind of commitment, but i think they look cool on some people, just not me.

Dude…Piercing are hot, most of the time!

Anyway…I am piercing free, and no tattoos. My grandpa said that if I don’t have a tattoo by when I am 21, he will give me $500, so that is my anti-piercing.

I don’t have any peircings or tatoos right now, but I’m thinking I might get a tattoo when I turn 18. I’m thinking a Spade and the Tsunami Bomb logo. Bost would most likely be on my biceps.

i think that im gonna try and fall on a steaming sewer cap in New York and then sue the NY DWP. Ill get money and a new tattoo, has this been done before?

No piercings and no tattoos. I know that a lot of folks think they are stylish, and they are the popular thing to do right now. But I have never really understood the attraction of either form of self-mutilation. Just call me conservative.

Plus, I used to work with several 60- and 70-year old sailors, and got to see what several “youthful misjudgements” looked like after several decades of wear and tear. That little eagle on your shoulder might look very cool right now, but in 40 years it will have a particularly strong resemblance to a one-legged turkey with a bad case of leprosy, and it will have slipped down to somewhere around your third rib. No thanks.


If I were to get anything pierced, I’d go for a labret, probably. I recently got a haircut (short now… was about shoulder-length) and I may be switching to contacts after having glasses for a decade… so my head is feeling kind of empty :stuck_out_tongue: As for a tatoo, I was thinking about it but decided against it, mainly because of what Dave was talking about :smiley:

I am far too indecisive to ever get a tattoo, and I’m far too squemish about getting holes punched in me. Or at least that’s my excuse.

Back in the early 90s I did a term paper on past and present harmful beauty practices entitled “Beauty: the Eye and the Beholder”. It focused mainly on women, and included the European practice of drinking arsenic for paler skin and putting belladonna drops in your eyes for bright, sparkly eyes, the African practice of extending the neck with rings, lip discs, etc. and their tattooing, which is nothing but intentional scarring of the skin, the old Chinese practice of foot binding (one of the worse things done) and hair removal, the American practice of whalebone corsets and Native American practice of flattening a baby’s forehead with boards… and of course, the ever popular trend towards plastic surgery and implants and what not. And in almost all circumstances, these modifications were done because someone else was dictating what was and is beautiful.

Before I did this paper, I was planning on getting a tattoo. Originally I wanted a barbed-wire anklet, but found out that barbed-wire is a prison symbol, so I was willing to settle for a black rose with a silver stem and a spider dangling from it’s silver thorn (don’t ask, I was young). I didn’t have much in the way of piercings, just two holes in one ear and three in the other. After doing all of the research I did for this paper, I felt a little sick and decided not to modify my body anymore, I even let my ear piercings close (this was also when I decided I would never get married as most of these things were done to women and by women in order to attract a husband).

Two years ago, I got my ears pierced again (just one in each ear). I did it because I wanted it, not because someone else said it was the thing to do. And now that I’m older, I’m really glad I didn’t get a tattoo, mainly for the reason Dave said about the wear and tear aging has on them. I still think tattoo artwork can be amazingly impressive and have recently been fascinated by people I’ve met who have had poetry tattooed onto their bodies, but hey, that’s what finger paint is for… So, nope, not for me. But if it’s for you, make sure it really is for you, and not for impressing people who probably aren’t worth impressing anyhow, or you’ll end up spending lots of money getting them removed (like my friend’s sister who had a big heart with “New Kids on the Block” in the center tattooed on her shoulder… ugh…)


Thank you, Heidi! Something for all you kids to think about… especially those who said they wanted tongue piercings and the like.

Do not pierce or tattoo anything that you aren’t prepared to live with for the rest of your life. Hands down, stupidest thing you could do.

Moreover, don’t pierce something because it’s cool, or because your friend has it, etc. (such as belly button piercings, which are the latest trend). It’s not worth it.

If you get something, get it because you like it - because it represents you, because you believe in it, etc. Don’t get it because it’s cool. Heidi (and Dave, too) cannot speak more of the truth.

I have been pondering getting a tattoo of the Aquarius symbol on my arm somewhere I’ve been one all my life so its something I can definitely live with and still like in a long time.


Yep. And I can second the tongue peircing. My dad did it a few years ago, and his tongue swelled up like a baloon. Yeah, these things are permanent and should definitely be thought about beforehand. But as long as one is comfortable with any and all consequences, by all means go ahead.

Happy peircing.

When I was younger, I had my ears pierced but had to let them close up because they were infected. My sister wanted to get some more piercings in her ears, so I went with her and was going to get mine re-pierced … but when the lady did hers, I almost passed out from watching (I’m not so good with needles and stuff) so I opted out. :eek:

Ah well, I’ll get it done someday. But probably not anytime soon …