Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo mail services?

Why does Yahoo mail hate me all of a sudden?? I have had Yahoo mail acounts for 6 years now with basically no problems at all.

Over the past week though, I have gotten invalid links and other random broken pages when doing simple things within Yahoo mail such as going to my inbox, deleting a mail or other random things.
I can log into my mail ok, but after that it’s all downhill!

I think it is maybe because I have trash talked SBC (formerly part of SNET), a Yahoo partnership ISP company - because Yahoo-SBC DSL sux!

Why oh why does Yahoo mail hate me, and is anyone else having these problems currently with Yahoo mail??

No, Mines been fine, except I stopped getting e-mail notifications through Y!

mine has done that before, but it seemed to be fixed within one or two days. Right now, it’s doing fine though.

Good luck

mines been fine

No trouble here. I have seen some messages delayed by a couple days, but no other problems.

I have had troubles actually loading on my computer. It only goes about 1/5 of the time. It is really annoying, and I had a full mailbox for a week because of it. It only works sometimes on other computers as well, but it works more often. Weird.

Mines been fine for quite some time now since that last Email Blaster Virus

Remember all those Mail Blaster Viruses that attached and copied itself into your email address book and then sent itself to those addresses, Well after going through as many viruses as we did last year and so far this year Yahoo! has sent an email to me stating that “I should utilize their virus scanning program before I send out my emails otherwise if I continued to send virused emails they would disable my account”

Yahoo would much rather blame the sender(you) for the virus problems rather then the person who sent it to you originally. And thats what gets me mad. Me getting blamed for these things that no one has 100% control over.

Oh wells! people who run a business will never change. Rather then place the blame on themselves they’d rather blame innocent persons using their programs.

Well it is better than what happened to me. My computer got booted from our university network because it supposedly had a deadhat virus. I did all the scanning and removal process only to find there was no virus. Then I had to wait two days for an IT person to come look at my computer and give me strange blank stares. They finally let me back on because they couldn’t find a virus. Very annoying to deal with especially after dealing with a bad graphics card the previous week that put it out of service for a couple days.

I have 4 Yahoo accounts and all is fine here.

Lately mail that I get sent either takes forever & a day or I never get it at all. It’s really irking me.

I also have a yahoo account and the only problem i have is spam that contiually slips through the “spam gaurd” that yahoo has and filling my Bulk mailbox.

i have a couple yahoo accounts and they too are working fine for me.

The other day, I couldn’t login to Yahoo at all. I could get into Yahoo games but not mail or Launchcast. When I went to login, I got this error message. Very annoying. :mad:

Today it seems to be working fine.