Anyone else still wearing their Atlanta wristbands?

A friend of mine and I are having somewhat of a contest to see who can keep their wristbands from the Centennial Park party. Anyone else out there still wearing theirs?

Yup. Mine from last year faded away around May and fell off. This one is still mostly black!

Ha! I have one that was never worn or abused. Do I win?

I didn’t go to the Centennial Park party, but I still have the blue “un-crating” wristband in pretty good condition.

I no longer have mine on because it fell off :(. But I know two of my best friends on the team still have theirs on :D, They are trying to see who can keep it on the longest.

I believe theres only 1 girl left on my team who still has hers. she’s the kind of person who’d wear these kinds of things, for sentimental value.

Ok guys, sometimes this gets a little weird. At my University, we have wristbands for Orientation week, and some people still had them on after first semester. At some point, people who don’t know how epic atlanta is are going to wonder why you still have it on, and perhaps question the frequency of your showering ;).

My daughter still has hers on, as do some of her friends.

I cut mine off that night…

Thats where having a small wrist (and hand) is nice, I can slide my band off my arm when I want to bathe, and then put it back on afterwards. It keeps it nice and blue, and in good condition.

That’s cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I guess it is.

But, on the other hand, it means that I can end up wearing it much longer then someone who doesn’t (or can’t) take it off.

the robot ate mine (seriously, it caught it, and ripped it :frowning: )
otherwise, I would still have mine. :wink:

Mine from 2009 is still in with my nametag from scholarship row… so no I am not wearing it.

I have mine the same way, but i always do that with all my wristbands. I love being able to take them off and save them without being cut or ripped…

My girlfriend however still has her’s on… And after reading this thread she feels good that is isn’t alone.

The type of wristbands you get in Atlanta for the afterparty and such really bug and annoy the heck out of me, so I cut mine off that night.

However, I still wear one of the lanyards I got from a team every day. : I keep my USB Drive on it.

I was going to try to keep mine on…but i’m an athlete and we’re not allowed to wear wristbands during competition :frowning: …so i had to cut it off…darn

Yep, I do!

I would, but a line judge for track had me remove it…

I glued a piece of elastic to the part where mine broke, so I don’t get mold growing in it.

Haha me and most of the guys on my team still have them on. Nice to know we arent alone :stuck_out_tongue: