Anyone else's serial number not working?

I just tried activating LabVIEW to start programming, but when I go to enter the serial number provided in the sleeve, the activation program continuously says the number is not valid. I understand I might have to ask at NI about fixing this, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue.

Haven’t tried it yet… I hope it’s something not widespread.

This item is addressed in the Mandatory Update:

Do not use the serial number that comes in the software kit for activation. You MUST use the following Serial Number to activate LabVIEW:


There are two updates that are necessary
1. FIRST Robotics Software 2010 - Windows - LabVIEW & NI Utilities
2. FIRST Robotics Software 2010 - Windows - Driver Station

Just an FYI, the zip file password is “Breakaway4FRC!”

When I try to extract the zip files it gives me an error that the file is empty, and never gives an option to put in a password. Is there a certain extractor that is suggested for doing this?

I reccomend 7-Zip. It is open source and can handle more formats than winzip:

Thanks for the tip. I tried using the 7-Zip program and put in the password as was said above, but I get the error “Can not open file as an archive”. Can somebody check to make sure the file listed at the site is still good?

I should note, I have the same problem with the National Instruments LabView update.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the driver laptop, but the extraction worked on my home PC with the Windows extractor.

Just re-downloaded the file and no problems here. I would do the following:

  1. Re-download the file. It should be a fairly large file (188MB), verify the file size after the download is complete.
  2. Make sure you extract to a directory you have permissions to access

use the password from the decription code:


I am downloading the legitimate LabView update now but the Driver Station update is still having the same problem. I just tried downloading the Driver Station update with Firefox (I was using Chrome) and it’s working fine now. When I downloaded it before the DS update was about 30 MB, as was the LV update, now it is up to 116 MB. Good times.