Anyone ever make something rideable (go-kart/scooter/misc.) from the Kit Of Parts?

I was just wondering if anybody ever used parts from the KOP to make something rideable.

What kind of motors did you use? Was it enough power to mobilize you? Controls?? Details… I want details… :smiley:

I have an idea for something to make, but want to see if anyone has done it before yet.

We’ve only come up with ideas about making stuff, but in 2003 we did ride around on the robot’s chassis like a go-kart. It would be very interesting so see something like this work, good luck with it.

Last year after competition we made a poor man’s segway using two powered wheels and two casters…We made a chasis (it was the base of our 2001 robot w/ some mods.) with handles and two switches one on each side…it drove tank style…it worked fairly well and went at a decent speed (it was powered with the van door motors) but some of the pins in the gears we used broke after too much strenuous use.

I’ll see if i can dig up pictures/video.

There’s also this scooter or super scooter

lol, a sled… well more of a piece of wood with a curve that i used bowling ball wax on…

Well we did use the KOP parts to make something ridable…our robot. I remember when Olivia rode our 2001 robot down Porter St. She had the controls tethered to the robot.

I know the answer you’re actually looking for. Something to ride on built from the KOP other than a robot. :stuck_out_tongue: Knowing Elgin I wouldn’t be surprised if he would try to build a Segway from the parts! :cool:

lol, its funny that I came across this because I was at school today as one of the reps for Heatwave and someone came up with the idea of having CatCom’s (our schools media group) mentor ride the robot on stage, but when we told our teams mentor this (our schools resource teacher) he didn’t quite approve. It would have been funny, but unless we took off our robots cover there is really no place to ride it. If our mentor would permit us, there are several ways we could ride the bots we have now though.

'nuff said :slight_smile:

our team started a homemade segway from the KOP, its called the craigway named after the main guy behind it, craig. We started it a year ago, but we were so busy we never finished it. From what i remember, we used van door motors and the 2002 robot controller for the programming. We got it to self-balance and move with the rider, but theres still alot to do on it. Theres info/pics/video on this site:

That’s pretty neat! :slight_smile: I hope you have time to finish it.

With all the other projects I got going I really don’t need anymore ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can never have too many “side” projects… :ahh: It just stresses you out to keep track of them all.