Anyone Following SCRRF SoCal Spring Scrimmage?

Has anyone been following the SoCal Spring Scrimmage?
Was it a FIRST supported event with a real field like the Merrimack Week 0 Event?
Who were the teams present?
How did it go?

I can tell you haven’t been over this way for one…

To answer your first question, I was there all day. And there’s a thread for it somewheres.

Second question, Nope. FIRST only supports 1 event in Week 0.

Third and 4th together:
I don’t recall exactly, and any answer I give will be incorrect tomorrow (because tomorrow we play again!) However, it was very smooth. Lots of teams having issues getting off the Hab in the Sandstorm due to drive design or bumper placement; not a lot of scoring, more interaction with game pieces. If I recall correctly the high score was 38, second was 28, or something along those lines. Not a lot of fouls but again not a lot of interaction. Several folks did get caught looking over/around the Sandstorm–OOOPS.

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And an update:
Saturday saw 10 teams playing 35 matches (with some subset of teams in each match). 580, 867, 2496, 3952, 4501, 4415, 5124, 5869, 6499, and 6794 showed up to play, and play they did.
Sunday had 3 teams, with the host team not quite making it to the field: 1138, 1159, and 5124 racked up another 30 matches run with various subsets of same. High score for the weekend: 38.

I should note that we tended to run with extra pre-loaded Hatch Panels on the Rockets, as we had a very Cargo-heavy lineup that wanted to practice. Eh, whatever, it’s a scrimmage.

Extra-level climbs: About a 50% success rate, maybe less, even to L2. Nobody tried L3. Some robots had climbers that weren’t installed yet, or hatch mechanisms, or cargo mechanisms.
Lots of robots found weaknesses, including the previously-mentioned “can’t get out of the starting area” weakness; others found unexpected strengths (why yes you CAN steal hatches from your opponents’ loading station without a penalty, if you set it up right!–not saying which team).

One robot did have a suction cup. It did exactly what it was supposed to do, and probably had one of the fastest acquisition speeds of the weekend to boot.

Rockets weren’t ignored; several teams made it up to the top level to place. But, the Cargo Ship got a workout.

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