ANYONE from Team 3231 PLEASE contact me!

If anyone from team 3231 reads this please contact me by email or PM ASAP. If anyone has any contact info for team 3231 PIOTECH from Clifton, NJ please forward their contact info to me.

I have something that was found at the wrap party that I believe belongs to one of their students that I’m sure they would like to have back! :ahh:

I’ll check with FIRST though official channels tomorrow about contact info for the team but I just got home from Atlanta tonight and wanted to get the word to the team ASAP that I have what they are looking for and will send it to them as soon as I can find out where to send it. Hopefully this will put some student’s mine at ease.

PM me about what needs to be taken care of, I will get you their mentor’s contact information tomorrow. :slight_smile: We are their mentor team.

PM sent. Thanks.