anyone from team 612...

hey, anybody from team 612 that knows how to help me, please answer. i am making a highlight video for our team and i need the video of our playoff matches at vcu. i have it downloaded to my computer, but it wont let me move it into movie maker. i was wondering if there was anyway that somebody from that team could get me the video without having to download it from google.


ps: any help with changing the coding on the google movie could help too.

I linked your request to the team’s internal forum. Hopefully somebody who can answer your question will get back to you soon.

thanks, i really appreciate it.

google video format is proprietary, and I’ve had no luck finding a converter that can change the codec. If you find one, I’d love to know.

Wikipedia has a guide on howto play back the .avi in Winamp.
I would assume that if you can play back in winamp then you could open it in another app and convert it. You could also try this. I havent tried either so I do not know if they ever worked or if they still work.

I was the member who cut and uploaded the google video, looking for the original file now, but don’t get your hopes up…

edit: turns out I still have the original uploaded to my own personal web space for when someone else asked for it a while back. Sent you a PM with the link, don’t want to kill my bandwith. :slight_smile:

Have you checked The Blue Alliance for vids?

They don’t have the VCU eliminations, or much of VCU at all.

Oh yeah. Just kidding… that’s what I get for not actually looking at the site I’m linking to