anyone get missing parts yet?

anyone get missing parts yet?

Did anyone receive their missing parts from FIRST that they were missing in the KOP?

Team 190 received our missing parts yesterday; a bag of 1/4-20 screws from AndyMark.

Yup. Accelerometer and Gyro yesterday.

Not Yet.
I emailed FIRST and have yet to get a reply.

Pneumatics bumper just arrived minutes ago…

edit: and the AM chassis parts arrived tonight

Random parts were delivered last night.

Got 3 orbit balls at the same time.

Not yet…

we got our parts today

Thanks Guys,

I will assume that I will recieve our missing parts today or tomorrow.:eek:

Got ours yesterday,

The replacements for the items missing from our KOP arrived the other day.

We’re still missing about a third of our kit.

We were missing one of our actuators. I’m pretty sure we got it replaced. I’m web/media development, so I hardly have any idea what’s going on with stuff like that :frowning: