Anyone going to AirVenture 2006??

Hey everyone!! Only 3 weeks 1 day til Oshkosh AirVenture 2006!!

for those that dont know what airventure is, it is the world greatest aviation event, bringing in people from around the world!

Last Year over 10,000 aircraft landed at Whittman Regional Airport with over 700,000 people in attendance…

This year is shaping up to be another record year, taking place July 24-July 30

For more information chack out their website at

For those that do know what airventure is, are you going??

We don’t yet have the details figured out, but I plan to be there with my brother-in-law and at least one other member of Mechanical Mayhem. We’ll likely be there on Thursday and Friday…

If it’s in the area we might also try to pick up one of our geocaching “travel bugs!”

Ill be there all week…maybe ill see you there, but not likely…its too big :smiley: