Anyone Going to the International Science and Engineering Fair

I had the pleasure of qualifying for ISEF at my regional research competition this year, and will be attending next week in the vacation destination of Pittsburg :smiley: . Would love to meet up with any other FRC students if you’re going!

Congrats on qualifying! I will also be there, we should try to meet up. Which category is your project in?

Reviving this because it was really cool to see someone from the FRC community take home the coveted Gordon E. Moore award, essentially overall 1st place, at the biggest pre-collegiate science fair in the world.

Congrats to Oliver Nicholls from 4613 and 3132 for such a great accomplishment! He built a pretty cool robot, here are some links:

Good Luck.
I’ve always enjoyed ISEF and did that extensively both as a student and teacher prior to Robotics and during our early years of FRC. The potential to win some amazing awards and scholarships for college has always inspired me to push kids into participating.
Been to the 2000 one in Detroit and 2005 in Phoenix as TOY for our State.