Anyone got a good scouting sheet?

Hey everyone, I’m planning on running my team’s scouting team this year and I’m wondering if anyone has put together a good scouting sheet yet. I remember back during Lunacy we had a scouting sheet that was really well put together with diagrams of the field, places to show where each team started and sections for how many points each team scored and I am hoping to use something like that. If you have one please link it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

P.S. I know that team 3038 has just posted one but I am not looking for a spreadsheet type scouting sheet.

That spread sheet I posted was for pre match stuff.

Hereis something you might want to look at.

Ya I figured that sheet was for pre-match, but thank you so much for posting that sheet it was exactly what I was looking for (except for the pizza order thing:confused:) Thanks a ton :smiley:

no problem

and sorry my team likes prematch stuff…:confused: