Anyone got a video of the Beast in 2002?

I was talking with my team about the BEAST team 71 from 2002, Zone Zeal…you all know the one. Where the BEAST starts upright, and then falls to the ground and is off and running. Anyone have a video of the BEAST in action? If so I’d appreciate it.

Try searching … they usually have a pretty good archive of all of the matches.

I was there, and I couldn’t find it…If anyone could help me I’d really appreciate it.

Id be interested to see this robot. It just started out upright, then tipped itself over when the match started? Because that is exactly what I wanted to do last year.

I don’t think SOAP archives matches that are over a year old online. I seem to remember someone saying theyre on DVD and if you needed some video not online you could contact them

on their team website, there is a promotional video which shows it for about five seconds.


There are multiple other teams that have started out upright. Team 316 the Lunatechs have also started upright then dropped to the floor that might help you if THE BEAST video doesn’t come through…Also i have seen the Lunatechs design for dropping down so if you would like you could talk to me.

I know I have some videos somewhere. If worst comes to worst, it’s a good excuse to try my video in and digitize some stuff.
Here are some photos for now:
Number 1 - Falling
Number 2 - Falling

Team 67 did it last year too. Check out Soap’s videos from the Eastern Michigan Regional or from Nationals for them (I think they when to Cleveland too, but not sure).

I’ll keep these up for a little while:

EDIT: Vids are down

If anyone would like a copy of our team video from 2002, email me an address and I will be happy to send you a copy. It has a bunch of the matches from both the Regionals and Championship, but you are going to have to put up with a lot of Team Hammond tooting it’s own horn.

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