Anyone have a 3d CAD model of a 2 liter soda bottle?

If you do, please PM me. Thanks.

It’ll help speed my project along just a little bit.

il draw one when i get home for you

Gee… I wonder why on earth would anyone need a CAD model of a soda bottle? :wink: Mayhaps you could do an FEA of it to find it’s weak points? :rolleyes: I suppose next you’ll be wanting one of a Mentos?

hahaa mentos, lifesavors, they all do the trick. im trying to figure out a way to get them in without immediately blowing up the bottle before i can throw it, maybe in a disolvable capsule (i dont think i can get my hands on one of these) although maybe suran (spelling…) wrap might work. Well this is a post for another forum.

btw i will probably send you one too because it sounds like a challenge. well maybe it isnt but im doing it anyway. It would be cool to hear what the project is too.

[hint]Way back before the dawn of recorded history when I was a kid, my father outfitted our home with soda/acid fire extinguishers. These were portable tanks filled with water which were pressurized by the mixing of acid and baking soda (creating CO2). The trick was the acid and soda were in more or less open nested containers at the top of the extinguisher and when you turned the fire extinguisher upside down, the chemicals poured out and mixed. [/hint]

i think i understand what you are trying to explain but could you possibly draw a picture of it to further clairify it?

Already got the 20 pack of them… :wink:

Post your ideas here… Fun times we had on Sunday. :smiley:

Let’s just say my project involves creating a safer system than just throwing the bottle and letting it go anywhere it pleases. :ahh:

There is many ways to make soda bottles into a high flying AIMED rocket. These are the two coolest and easiest ways I know
Fill it 2/5 with water put it on a home made PVC launcher with rubber rings, hook it to an air compressor, wait until you can hold no more and let go. WOOSH! Altitude 200-500 feet. If you don’t have an air compressor you can use a bike pump… Altitude 100-150 feet. With correct pumping timing & amount.
Take a diet coke, empty 1/3 of it, dry that empty 1/3 with a tissue on a stick or something of that sort. With that same stick tape a bunch of mentos around the top of the bottle, lightly screw the cap on for 7/8 of 1 turn. Make a prop of a few bricks to keep it aimed up, turn it upside down and prop it against the bricks, RUN! WOOSH! Altitude N/A Feet

[note]You have to get the cap just right or it wont launch. If you cant drill a hole in the cap and turn the cap all the way on. If you cant even get that to work right, try the mythbusters zip tie method.[/note]

Here are some pictures, and here’s a variation on the theme where you broke the vial holding the acid:

Anyone who has made a model of this bottle, if you could send it to me as well I would appreciate that. I’m trying to improve my CAD ability, and I’m not sure how you would model the bottom of the bottle.

I made one a few years ago (Sorry, I no longer have it). If I remember correctly, your easiest way to make the funky grooves is to revolve 2 planes at the angles you want the sides of the “bump” to be at, placing an identical curve on both and connecting the 2. Then you just round edges and such to make it look pretty. Once you have that figured out you array it 5 (I think) times around to have the “bumps”. Same principle can be applied to the lower curves if you are not comfortable. Just remember… rounded edges are your friend, they can make the blending look very nice when used in the right manner.

I think I modeled a water bottle a little ways back…but I’m not sure what program I used.

Not sure if that could help

This is my first time ever using anything similar to this type of forum. I ran into this topic by searching for help on making a 2 liter soda bottle cap. I am hoping someone has specs on the thread type pitch etc.

I know I’m joining this late but has anyone passed along a 3d CAD design.

It would really help with a prototype idea I’m working on.

They are a 1"-8 thread…that seems pretty “common” you may have trouble finding a tap that big though…if you can it will be expensive

This was tested on a Mountain Dew 2 liter bottle in Michigan…you never know if they change by state…

on a related note they may be different depending on the bottling company/manuacturer ie pepsico may have diffferent threads than Coca Cola

Say did you ever get this CAD model of a 2 L bottle? Is there any way you can share it. It would be very helpful for what I’m working on also. Thanks.