Anyone have a list of the best shooter bots this season?

Post vid’s and pics of the best shooter bots for POWER UPs please.

610 :

701 has a pretty decent shooter

558, 4613, 5803, and us (3847) are all pneumatic puncher shooters.

180 and 4481 were looking really good at Orlando. 6918 is making their debut this weekend and after seeing them and watching 180 they look and perform at the same level.

236. They took some time to dial in their shooter over the course of the event, but once they had it working it was impressive. Expect them to be more refined and improved for the Hartford District Event in a few weeks!

346 was dialed in at the end of the Central Virginia event and is favorite in the CHS right now.


323, absolutely! Great bot and team!

Seconding 180 & 4481. 219 has also been making some impressive shots.

I second 236. I was going to find this match video (thanks for doing the work for me!) and post it. They were great that match. We were competing against them and I found myself just watching them instead!

Thanks for the shout outs! Here is a video of our finals match in Orlando vs 180:

All our match video’s are on our youtube page in case you would like to have more reference.

This is probably our best match from Durham:

There’s a lot of little things we’ve learned to improve our shooting over the season, the angle of the shot, adjusting the power, changing our launch angle, when to push cubes to the back, when to shoot over cubes. Would love to hear what other teams have found that works well.


Thanks for the shoutouts! We had a lot of issues with the shooter in Waterbury, especially on Saturday, because some tiny changes to the intake made it shoot prematurely. We continued to have small hiccups throughout the event, but I think we got it fully functioning now.

We’re having a great time with the robot - I think it’s probably the most fun robot we’ve built in my time on the team. We are definitely making improvements for Hartford, but we’re mostly focusing on the intake, auto, and driver practice. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see you guys again!

Oh well…

2081, 2338, 2220 were are extremely good shooter bots at CIR

5803 is a successful shooting robot.

while they don’t have it down to a science yet, 2990 is really impressive so far

I’m a big fan of 323. Most ‘shooters’ aren’t so good after the scale pan is getting full–boxes often bounce out. Not sure how they got this one in just the right place.

So I started this thread to see what was out there. I wouldn’t say we (5205) are one of the best. But we finally did well enough for me to believe it’s worthy of a post. Let me know what you think.

We are really a hybrid between a shooter and a far switch runner