Anyone have a precompiled SD image for vision processing on Raspberry Pi 3?

Hi all,
I have been having some trouble with properly getting my Raspberry Pi 3 running OpenCV to communicate with the Rio, I am wondering if any team has had success and has or can create an image that I could write onto my SD and go from there? I would really appreciate it,
FRC 157

Sorry no such luck as a precompiled image but is pretty straightforward and works prefect for me. (just replace 3.1.0 with 3.2.0)

This isn’t perfectly updated (working on it), but it’s an outline of things you can do to get Raspberry Pi vision to work. Feel free to ask me if you have questions!

I’ve managed to successfully do vision processing and communicating with the Rio with PyNetworktables, it’s not reliable for me atm though so…

We have it going and don’t seem to be having issues with it. Opencv and pynetworktables was pretty much it.
Where are u at in the process? Pi connected via Ethernet? Using the local DNS for the bot to hit it or did you set a static IP already? Any errors? Is openvc running correctly? What key are you using to store the data?

I have openCV and PiNetworkTables installed, however I have a suspicion that something is wrong with openCV, but I can’t put my finger on it, so its pretty hard to ask for help with what I don’t know what is wrong. It took me about 7 hours to get it installed the first time, and I have reinstalled once to try to fix what I did wrong.

If someone can walk me through this I would really appreciate it, but I assume everyone is stressed on time for the next 3 days, that’s why I am thinking a precompiled sd image might be better.

Also I already have the pi with a static IP over Ethernet. The networking setup is all done.