Anyone have access to just the sample images for vision processing?

This page:

Seems to imply that it’s possible to get a dataset containing a lot of pictures of power cells. That would be lovely. But clicking on the ‘’ link, for me, results in spinning with a ‘Queued’ message forever.

Does anyone just have the raw images?

Oh, that’s weird. Let me check the link?

I was not able to duplicate this issue. Try logging into with a google account, or in a private browsing tab if that doesn’t work.

Hmm. I tried Firefox this morning, and that appeared to now be able to access the data. But then switching back to Chrome also seemed to work. It may be that I was not patient enough; that the import process just takes longer than I expected (I gave it about an hour).

With all that said, I was able to select to download the raw data and I got a large .tar file with all the images and videos.

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