Anyone have any pics of the field only (no robots) from previous games?

This picture shows a nice clean field from a great view point.

Does anyone have pics of the field from any other years (non-2003) without any robots on it (preferablly from the same viewpoint as the pic that Marc took from 2003)?

edit: 2002 clean field and another and another…

Any more?

Well here’s Wildstang’s field:

Not official, dunno if that matters to you though.

This has the field from 04, plus other stuff in it.

HEy! thats me in the bottom left corner…that was an awesome feild

is the first pic in the first thread from hartford

That one?? Yes.

If you look on the top of the page, it has a directory style link system and it is in the UTC Regional gallery.

From 2003:

Here’s a wide shot I took of Einstein in Atlanta:

(It’s cool to see two of the pictures already listed in this thread were taken by me :slight_smile: )

It’s not the best quality picture in the world, it was taken from about halfway up in the stands with a not-that-great 1.3mp camera, no manual settings on it. The original image size was 1280x1024, so I just cropped out the main field, so that is the natural size of the image.

That is a picture from the sacramento regional.