Anyone have cut sheets for the team built field?

Does anyone have PDF cut sheets for the field peices for 2023?

i believe this website contains them: Playing Field | FIRST

I need them in PDF form. Rev has solidworks drawing cut sheets, but I have no access to the updated solidworks right now.

The REV cut sheets are intended for CNC routers only, but use designs of the wood field elements that REV designed, not FIRST.

The official FIRST wooden field elements do not seem to have any cut sheet drawings, that I can find anyways. If anyone has found some or made their own (for the FIRST version of the wooden field elements), please share!

I used to build and post cut sheets for the FIRST fields, but now they’re part of the ReadMe PDFs that are part of each element package. They’re a separate PDF than the drawing packages, but they’re there.

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I am super new around here but I think what you’re looking for is in the 'ReadMe_TE…" version of the drawings. Like this one for the Single Substation

There was that teacher in Canada that used to do awesome cut sheets every year. Shoot, what was his username on here, I forget.

If we are talking about dxf files for the original field, I have those sitting at my computer at work. They are made for cutting with a 4x4 router. I can post the dxf files that I have if anyone is interested.