Anyone have info regarding older hand operated cast iron water pumps?

here is a picture of a pump similar to what I am talking about…

I am doing a project and require some historical information regarding these types of pumps. So far I have found very little, and thought it couldn’t hurt to try here.

I need info such as the original design and manufacturers, what countries used them and are still using them, etc.

This is a project to potentially redesign/retrofit some of these pumps used in third world countries to make them more efficient and easier to use and operate.

If anyone has information that could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

You might try here:

This had a fair amount of information on the pumps themselves, including how to build one and maintain it.

Hopefully a reference to a faith-based organization in response to a specific question does not violate forum rules.


I have a few pics of pumps like these being used at a local state park.

PM me if you want them, and I can e-mail them to you!

Pumps like these are still used in the U.S. I believer the Amish still use them, at least the more conservative groups do, so you may want to research the Amish culture. And I’m sure pumps like these are probably still used in poor, rural areas, like the Appalachian mountains.


Pictures would be great. My e-mail that is listed in my profile works.

So far I have still not found very much historical information regarding the first uses of these pumps, nor their original designers/manufacturers. From my understanding, these are still used in many third world countries as a primary means for well water retrieval. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any solid facts stating the origin and history of any of them.

Any other help is appreciated. Thanks so far.

Surprisingly, the Internet is not “all knowing”. In other words, if you haven’t already done so, you may have to go to the library. :wink: I would search for information on water wells, hand pumps (Google does have images on these), history of plumbing, and history of farming.


You gotta give me more credit than that. :wink: But I understand your concern.

I have looked in a few libraries for everything you can imagine relating to these kinds of pumps. The problem I am having is getting specific information regarding the type of pumps distrubuted and who manufactured them in an effort to determine which pumps are the most common.

This post was also intended to get first hand knowledge from people who might have past knowledge of these pumps, be it world travels, visits to public parks, amish towns, etc.

hmm, i know they were very commoon here, i’ll have a look in the libary for you tomorrow :slight_smile:

Okay, so I had this vague memory of water pump on a hike I went on at some local park that is now considered historical. Unfortunately, I named the folder “Walk October 9, 2002” so I don’t know the name of the park. I took two pictures of it, one a full shot , the other a close up on the spigot There is some more writing on the bottom of the pump, and a patent number on the handle, if you would like me to send you full sized copies of the photos, just let me know (they’re big files, so I wouldn’t send them without your say-so).