Anyone have some unused Thrifty Swerve Modules?

Just seeing if anyone happens to have any floating around - we did thrifty swerve over the summer and we’d like to see if we can get our hands on some more.

Anyone have some they’d be willing to part with?

ThriftyB should have a few yet, I asked a couple of weeks ago. But in a pinch we have one unused module, three with minimal use and one that, er, taught us things.

Like you we’d been tinkering with these over the off season. But when the team announced their intentions regards climbing and considered the kinetic possibilities of a “gravity oops” we’ve gone in a different direction.

Give Ryan the business as first choice but if you ended up needing some of parts for the campaign ahead this is possible.

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On Thrifty Swerve - I’m waiting for parts to show up for a Markforged printer that is currently down. They’re expected to show up tomorrow. If that printer gets fixed, I will dedicate that printer to producing module parts and can expect to ship additional Thrifty Swerve modules out over the next few weeks for those who have contacted me.

But if there are teams not using the modules, feel free to contact Tom. It would certainly save me some time and it’s always good to see them get used than sit idle.

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